Convectron Natural Fusion N.V.

EUR   100,00

Product Description

Purchase of depository receipts of shares

On this page you can purchase depository receipts of shares in Convectron Natural Fusion N.V.

This concerns depository receipts of newly issued class B ordinary shares to be issued, with a par value of EUR 0.10 per share.

Fixed issue price per depository receipt:   EUR  100.00  (hundred euro)

Enter above on this page the number of depository receipts that you would like to purchase and push the button "purchase".

By your participation with at least 100 euro you support the company in the implementation of the project which aims to test and possibly realise a promising concept for small-scale nuclear fusion. An investment bearing high risk, but per depository receipt of limited size (of at most 100 euro), for potentially a breakthrough innovation. By purchasing one or more depository receipts of shares become you co-owner, and if the project is successful, the value of your share can also significantly increase.

Issued depository receipts of shares will be registered in the register of depository receipts of shares. This register is kept by the Company in cooperation with the Issuer (Stichting Administratiekantoor Convectron Natural Fusion, a shareholding trust foundation). No certificates will be issued.

Upon purchase of one or more depository receipts you will receive a confirmation by email, and you can always examine your holding of depository receipts on your account on the web site of the company.

Any decision to invest in the depository receipts of shares offered, shall be based on a thorough consideration of the prospectus as a whole by the investor, including, but not limited to, the risks as set out in the Chapter 2, entitled "Risk Factors", and summarised in Section 12, entitled "Summary of the material risks", of Chapter 1, entitled "Summary".

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